31 October 2017

Chenille Funnel Neck Sweater

Love, love, love this material and the color of this sweater. I like wearing pink because it reminds me that I can wear fun colors. It took me forever to get comfortable with bright colors as oppose to serious colors like gray and black. Not that there is anything wrong with easy, but it is great to mix things up. This material is everywhere and I hope to build a small collection of it in the next months.

I got these boots on sale at Nordstrom for $50 so that’s exciting. Don’t forget to spray them so they don’t stain in the rain my fellow Washingtonians.

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03 October 2017

All About You Pullover

The world we live in is sort of gross right now. It’s sad that we can’t even get the basics down. I wish that everyone could just see each other as equal and move forward fixing problems together. I wish that people who needed help were able to get help and that we could all just do better (sigh).

Anyway, this is my first clothing item by Free People and I am all about it. This pullover is super soft, cozy and warm and the colors are perfect for Fall. I bought this sweater because I don’t have anything like this in my closet and I knew it would be something I wanted to wear all the time. It fits true to size. I am a small and I wouldn't want it to fit any tighter.  

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20 September 2017

Marked Cold Shoulder Sweater

My first sweater of the season, woo hoo! As I went through last year’s sweaters I was overall pleased with my purchases, but there are a few brands I won’t buy again. Because I am a business owner I feel bad listing them, but you can trust that I am wiser with the feel of sweaters this year. 

This sweater is well made and thicker, but it snagged on my ring, so I would just suggest not wearing rings with it. I cut the snag and I can’t even tell where I snagged it so that’s really good. This sweater is fully woven across in layers so it feels nice. I love it, but I thought I would give you the info on the snag because I hate it when my clothes are done before I am done with them. Quality is everything to me and I am offended when things ruin quickly, haha! 

For reference I am wearing a size small and there is defiantly room to wear the tank top I didn't feel like changing out of to shoot this look. So, you could go a size down if you are normally a small or you could wear it comfy like me. 

I will be wearing this throw-on to the pumpkin patch, game nights and lazy brunches all season long. I can't believe I am excited for fall, that NEVER happens so I am not sure what the deal is here. 

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25 August 2017

Maita Pointy Toe Flat and a Peplum Camisole

Unfortunately, summer is almost over, but we do have a little more time, so I purchased a tank I can wear now and under sweaters next month. I wish I had purchased like 3 of these back when all the colors were available. I snagged this pair of masculine shoes because I think the style is cute and I am pretty much a flats girl in daily life. 

I like these Vince Camuto's because the color is not my traditional black or brown and the brand is comfortable and reliable. They don't look old and I think they will look great with over-sized sweaters and skirts should I decide to purchase one this season. 

I paired these pieces with my new favorite jeans from White House Black Market, which may be where I need to buy my jeans from here on out because they fit so well. I have shorts from there as well and they are so good.