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Brown Leather Jacket

I love a good leather jacket, I live in them. I recently bought this one because it was on sale and the price was too good to pass up. This brown leather jacket comes in 4 colors and is thicker than my Topshop leather, so they both have their purposes other than color 

This jacket does run large. I am wearing an extra small and I normally wear a small, so keep that in mind. I really like how chunky the hardware is, it makes the jacket look more... Anyway, below are some shots of me in the look followed by links to shop this jacket and a couple of others I would love to own today. Check the varsity jacket I am currently daydreaming about, it's so cute, throw on black ripped jeans with any of these and your are instantly chic.

leather jacket

ladies leather jacket, staple piece


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5 Tips to a great Valentine's Day (Single)

You don't have to be married or dating to be happy on Valentine's Day. I was inspired by one of my favorite bloggers to write down how it's done well for singles. I have seriously never had a bad Valentine's day so my single lovelies you never need to have one either. Here are 5 ways you can make this day fun!

1. Get a group of single girls and go out for dinner and a movie. When you are out with 4 or more of your girlfriends you really can't have a bad night even in a room filled with couples.

2. Don't have 4 or more single girlfriends? No worries, grab a pizza or takeout and dine in. Watch a movie on Vudu and enjoy some food, chocolates and wine, if that's your thing.

3. Brunch the weekend before. Brunch is always fun!! Casually "dress-up" and get out with some friends for a good time. My friends and I like to try a new spot each time, so you can have our thing. 

4. Galentine's Day. I feel like this is the first year this has ever really been mentioned with a name, but I have been to a few of these parties. Throw a party for the girls you love the most, single or not, include everyone. 

5. Hang out with your single guy friends. I am so grateful for the single men in my life, they make my world  so fun and it is just great to have masculine energy and opinions around. Plan something fun whether it's dinner and bowling or just some exploring. Grab your single guy or guys and girls and hit the town. 

The reality is the single life doesn't suck and Valentine's Day doesn't have to suck either. Have a great Valentine's Day! 

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5 Graphic Shirts to Love

I loved wearing this graphic tee over the summer and have been continuing to wear it pretty much all year. I love that this graphic tee is a tank because it helps me feel really comfortable when I wear it with sweaters. I really just throw it on and don't think about it. 

With cardigans being so popular in the fall, winter and spring it totally makes sense to just add a cardigan. I threw on my ripped jeans and made it look. I paired heels to complete the outfit and to add a girlie vibe, but you can add your favorite booties if you like. 

I have never heard of the band Pink Floyd before this tee, but when I googled them they seemed okay. When you wear something I think it is important to make sure its not something that stands for things you don't want to represent. I did my best to pick shirts that were cool for you. Shop my favorites here: Junk Food Kiss TeeDayDreamer Ramones Seal Tee, Tiger Sketch Tee, ACDC 1981 Tour Tee.  

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What To Wear : Striped Sweater Dress

Last week I took a much needed break from blogging and posting to social. While fun, keeping up can be a challenge at times. I was still commenting on friends posts, so I don’t feel like I was completely out of the loop but not having my phone so often was nice. 

I used to wear sweater dresses all the time and then I stopped because I don’t like to have the same look year after year. For Christmas this dress was gifted to me and I like it. In the past the sweater dresses I liked were less form fitting or flared at the waist and I either felt like a corporate girl or a young girl. But this one fits really well, which is part of the reason I like it.

I really like the brand Bar III from Macy’s they tend to have some really good stuff and this dress is no different. My main tip for finding the right sweater dress without looking boring would be to make sure it fits well. I would also say make sure you get a pattern or a good solid that you can dress up with fun earrings and a necklace. 

Unfortunately, this exact dress is unavailable. But you know I got your back on pretty sweater dresses that I would completely buy and wear. Check out the dresses here: Socialite Striped Sweater Dress, Topshop Slash Sweater Dress and the STATE lace-up Sweater Dress. Happy shopping ladies!