01 March 2014

Be You the Devotional: A look at our relationship in and with Christ

At church we just finished a series called be you. Be you talks about being yourself one hundred percent. We received this devotional that walks through 30 days of looking at who you are and who you could be the best you in Christ.

I picked five days that really stood out to me as the focus of this post.

Day 2. The Real You is like Him

The real you is like Him comes from Genesis 1:6 when God is telling Man that we are made in his likeness and image. You and I are made like Christ so, what about Christ can we reflect more of. This day is reminding us that we already have his traits and can just bring them forward in our daily lives.

Day 7. You have a purpose

Every person on this earth has a purpose. The great thing about that purpose is that it fits who you are. Your purpose and mine is connected to who we already are and we don’t have to work at being someone we are not to achieve our purpose. The devotional gave Romans 8: 28 - 29 as the reference for this day.

Day 8. You are found in Jesus

The scripture used on this day is John 15: 4, you know the one about Jesus as the vine and us as the branch. This day talks about spending time with God and reminds us that we are at our best in connection with him.

Day 12. You are different and that’s a good thing

I like that this day makes reference to people being different. I remember growing up and never really feeling like I fit anywhere. I was never the cheerleader or the great math student and that made me feel bad a lot of the time. I remember the day that all changed, I finally realized I might as well be me. God made us different for a reason and that is how we are one complete body in Him. The scripture given on this day is 1 Corinthians 12: 12, 16 - 18.

Day 26. Be you like Jesus

The scripture given here is John 14: 12, which talks about us doing the same works Jesus did during his time on earth. I like the statement that says, "Jesus walked on earth to show us how to live." If Jesus' life is a reflection of how I should live, that’s great news! Know that I can live like Jesus encourages me to believe I can be great.

The Be You series and devotional was a great look at who I am and who God is in me. You can get this series online at ChristianFaithCenter.com

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