26 August 2014

A Story of Contacts

It has been a few months process in finding the right contacts. I went to Americas Best because lets face it they do have the best prices for glasses and contacts. I read the pamphlet on how to use contacts and how not to use contacts and there are some scary photos out there about what happens if you don’t change your contacts, oh wait that’s from the internet… I digress. But, If you are one of those people who don’t change or remove their contacts regularly I urge you to reconsider your habits in love. Anyway, they gave me a test pair and for two weeks I struggled getting them in and out of my eye well and quickly and I thought it was me because I am new so the assumption is that it is me, I needed practice.

My reason for contacts is face freedom and convenience. Living in Washington and running around with glasses on a regular is a little irritating not to mention the ever so attractive fogging eyeglass look, sexy stuff:). I must also admit I thought of movie eye freedom and you do enjoy the big screen better with contacts not to mention the sunshine.  

As time came for me to order more contacts I realized that they were a little pricy like $40 per box and for something that isn’t convenient because I had yet to master the art of the quick contact removal system it wasn’t really worth it. 

I continued to browse the America’s Best website for something a little cheaper and I came across Acuvue 2 by Johnson and Johnson and I felt better because for some reason the brand Johnson and Johnson says safe to me, a lot safer than some brand in a brown box by a company I had never heard of. To my surprise my doctor had to approve them, so that was another 2 weeks of testing and trying them out but what a difference it made. I am now able to put in and remove my contacts on the first try most of the time and I feel like I am not wearing contacts which is huge, if you are new to contacts it’s like your eyes need to breathe. 

Long story short I like contacts now and I am happy I made the switch, eye comfort has arrived:) 

XO Camille

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