01 September 2014

9 Shoes to Have

Flats. Flats are just a must, they are so comfortable and come in so many different styles you can always find something to fit what you need and want.

Boots. You need a great pair of boots in a natural color that go with the majority of your wardrobe. I would also say flat, heels are so wonderful but sometimes its good to have a quality boot that you can wear with anything.

Booties. Got to love a good bootie they are so important and as you are getting to know me through this blog you will learn that I love a good wedge. 

Heels or professional wedges. I hate heels, they just hurt my feet and look over the top professional on me but you might need a pair for suits, slacks and other outfits were you need to do a little more. I have noticed for me wedges work just as well but whatever style floats your boat.

Sneakers. Have a good pair of sneakers that are just sneakers, you don’t run in these you just wear them for comfort or running errands

Seasonal boots. These could either be rain or snow, whatever your area requires the last thing you want is to not have what you need.

Flip flops. Every girl needs a good pair of flip flops for every situation.
Sandals. Sometimes in the summer you need something more than a flip flop and this is when your sandal comes in.

A fun shoe. Heel, wedge, boot or whatever, have a fun shoe that adds some color to your wardrobe.

What shoe do you plan on picking up in the near future? Check out my shoe collection

XO Camille

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