11 September 2014

Getting Excited about Fall

I am trying get myself into the fall spirit by remembering what I do like about fall. Here are some things that I am reminding myself daily about fall in hopes of not missing the sun so much. Its is helping by the way :) 

Fall brings cozy sweaters, and I like a good cozy sweater

Fall brings spice filled smells. I like candles and in the fall they are deeper and filled with leafy, chai spice fragrances.

Fall brings ankle boots. A good ankle boot is usually a good look for me and I cant wait to break them out. 

Fall brings Thanksgiving which brings ham and mashed potatoes and pie.

Fall brings really good movies. I love movies and review them and there are a few I am really excited about.

Fall shows come back, for some reason, probably to help us with dark skies and glum weather there is a new wave of shows for fall along with the return of the ones we loved from the season before.

Hot chocolate is back in business. I love a good cup of hot chocolate and the chilled air makes hot chocolate perfect. If you live in Seattle, Chocolopolis in Queen Anne has amazing hot chocolate that I highly recommend, it only comes in a small which gives you an idea of how chocolaty it is.

Leather jacket. I get to wear my leather jacket again and I really can’t wait. 

Soup is justified. I eat cheddar broccoli soup year around but in the fall its fully legal and happening. 

What are you most excited about in the fall season? 

XO Camille 

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