18 September 2014

The Great Gatsby, Movie Review

So, I stalled on seeing the Great Gatsby not really sure why but I did and I am sort of glad I did. I agree the movie was romantic a little, but I felt sad after watching it... I don't want to spoil the ending for those of you who haven't seen it but its pretty sad.

I just hate it when bad people win, its so un-natural.

For this post I am going to suggest 2 alternate endings:

Alternate ending 1: the hero gets the girl, the killer kills the right person and everyone is happy.

Alternate ending 2: the girl disses Gatsby, they find out who the real murdered is and the killer kills the right person. The hero finds true love elsewhere and they buy a house in France and sail into the sunset with Gatsby's best friend.

I am going to pretend that alternate ending 2 happens and believe that for the rest of my life :)

Did you like the Great Gatsby ? Do you have an alternate ending? 

XO Camille

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