09 September 2014

Why get sugared?

This is sort of a random, yet needful post. There are certain parts of the body that need to be pretty but don't get much attention and one of those places would be the armpit.

I have pretty thick hair and shaving my underarms just doesn't work for me, the whole dull blade and hair curling under my skin (ingrown hairs) once made me a little shy to lift my arms with confidence. About 2 years ago I had my first sugar and loved it and for the past 5 months have been going regularly.

What I love about body sugaring:
No under the skin hair issues. When I sugar I don't get ingrown hairs which is amazing!  

Clear skin under there. Because sugaring pulls the hair from the base it leaves your underarms hairless meaning you don't get the dark shadow from the hair left under the surface.
It last pretty long.  You probably can go a month between sugars or 2-3 weeks depending on hair types.

The hair under your arm grows back thinner, which is easier to pull out and less visible. 

Sugaring has changed a lot for me and made my summers a lot more enjoyable. 

Have you ever been sugared? 

XO Camille 

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