22 November 2014

10 Feel Good Movies

Some movies are just classic and make you feel great, no matter the mood. If you ever need a fall evening in and can't find anything on TV, I hope you find one of these movies helpful and relaxing.

Pretty Woman - a classic guy meets girl with a twist. I love the acting in this movie and Julia Roberts is one of my all time favorites. (image)

The Blindside - I like this movie, it has a really good story and the acting is well done. It is also based on a true story which is great. (image)

The Croods - this is a really good movie that adults and kids can enjoy equally.  (image)

Sleepless in Seattle - a timeless love story that is set in Seattle which makes you want to watch it even more. Such a good one! (image)

Curly Sue - this was one of my favorites growing up, probably because my mom liked it but now I like it too. (image)

The Princess Bride - this one doesn't really need explanation because its classic, but its actually good. (image

The Sound of Music - another classic, pretty long but so worth it. 

Tangled - another kids movie that works for adults. This is the story of Rapunzel. (image)

Uncle Buck - great 80s movie about the uncle no one wants to call until they have to. The kids end up loving him and everyone is changed by his visit. (image)

You've got mail - I love this movie its such a good love story. (image

Its Complicated- family, divorce, mid-life crisis movie with a great ending and good acting. (image

What is your all time favorite feel good movie?

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