13 November 2014

Down Pour Coffee, Kirkland

On Saturday mornings unless I am have something planned I normally blog at a coffee shop. Most of the times I have a movie planned, so it is important that the theater is nearby. This Saturday the coffee shop I normally visit was packed because it was sunny and everyone was out. There was also road construction taking up spots. 

I have wanted to try this new coffee shop in Kirkland for about a month. On Monday nights I hang out with friends and I drive past this coffee shop call Down Pour Coffee, so on this particular Saturday I decided to go for it.

The inside of the coffee shop is comfortable and clean and the coffee is good.  I normally don’t like pumpkin anything and I tried the pumpkin spice scone and it’s pretty much the best one I've ever had. I know scone shape doesn’t make it taste better but circle scones are just cute.

Photos below: 

Live in the Kirkland area? Check out Down Pour Coffee! 

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