11 January 2015

Arthur's Christmas Review

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I love Christmas and I watched a few new Christmas movies with every intention of writing a post about Christmas movies I love. One of the Christmas movies on my list to watch was Arthur’s Christmas and every time I went to watch this movie on my tablet you could only purchase it for $9.99 and I didn't want to spend. 

Arthur’s  Christmas is about the Claus family and the next Santa Claus being picked. All the Claus’s are selfish and just want to be Santa because of their egos but Arthur is different. In this movie Christmas is a big operation with the best technology and a full plan, sort of how it would be if it were real in 2015.

I thought this movie had great potential to be great but it was okay. It is really hard to get a Christmas movie right. My favorites are still the same but this made the list by comparison of everything else.

Santa Claus 1 , 2 & 3
How the Grinch Stole Christmas
The Family Man
Arthur’s Christmas
The Snow Globe – another new try

What are your favorite Christmas movies and did you try anything new this past season? 

XO Camille 

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