02 February 2015

Letting Go of The Past.

I love this quote! It’s a little harder to blog on inspiration than I thought it would be, but I thought this was a good one. You really can’t reach your future without letting go of your past. I think it’s pretty true that If you would like more than you currently have, you need to release what you have been. Growing inside can seem a little intimidating but it’s absolutely necessary to get where you want to go.

Admitting there are some things that you would like to change about yourself doesn't make you weak, it makes you strong. I think not admitting there is a problem feels safe to some people because it means the fa├žade that you are perfect is still working.  In fact people notice who you really are all the time, they  just don’t make you aware of it. The goal is to seek happiness with who you are inside. 

Letting go of the past is an amazing thing because it means you get to be something new. Move into who you are meant to be and make sure you surround yourself with people who see and respect the change.

XO, Camille 

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