29 May 2015

10 Etsy Stores I love!

I am an Etsy seller as you know, and I wanted to take the time out note 10 stores that I have recently had my eyes on.

1. True North Collection - I have admired this store for a while, I really love how colorful and fun their headbands are. 

2. Belles and Ghost - This store happens to make some of the cutest and most unique pillows I have ever seen. So cute! 

3. Marcella Moda - This store has fashionable handmade clothing for women with something extra. I think her pieces are unique and well tailored. 

4. Revisions Design - I have loved this store since the ceramic fruit baskets caught my eye. They also sell plant pots and more. 

5. Fancy Schmantzy - We all need business cards, although I don't currently have them, when I get some I will want them to make a statement. This Etsy shop does chic business cards very well. 

6. Yellow String - I don't have kids yet but I love rag dolls. My parents were in the military growing up and the last time my mother went away for a year she gave me a rag doll with my name and and my birthday on it. I am a sucker for a custom made doll especially since its been over 10 years and I still have the doll and the one bear I was given at birth. 

7. Cocoono Bags - Bloggers love clutch bags, they are great in photographs both carries and laying flat. They also help your outfit stay trendy :) This shop makes really cute clutch bags, and the one below looks like a Rebecca Minkoff.

8. Ink n Art - For those of us who don't want to go permanent  or if you are deciding where you want your next tattoo to be placed this shop will help you get things all figured out. They have all the unique and trendy designs of 2015 for the 'get inked' girl community.

9. Gold Ponies - This shop has so many cute things in it, it reminds me of European bloggers and all the cool things they find. I really like the shoes below but you can find clutches, purses and sandals. 

10. Ross Lab - This shop makes the cutest things from bowls to cups and the vanity tray below. 

What are some of your favorite Etsy shops? Do we have one of the same? 

XO Camille

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