03 December 2014

ClassPass Seattle Review!

My month of ClassPass is now over (well my blogger trial is over, I will sign up in the future) and I am fully addicted to Barre3, Method Bar and CorePower Yoga.  The classes are great and you feel so much better than you would had you gone to a normal gym and worked out. At the end of this month I realize I am pretty worked. Ending with CorePower Yoga was a great end, because it was pretty hard and I was so tired. 

With each of these classes you get a different class each class and it’s wonderful! Towards the end of the month I thought I might have taken all the classes I was interested in but I didn't get to try FlyBarre which is cycling with barre. I will probably try that sometime this month depending on how hard the other classes work me. 

In ClassPass you can take your favorite class at the same studio 3 times which makes the month even more amazing. I really like the variety it gives you and although the classes are intense it keeps you from falling into too much of a routine. I am fully for ClassPass it just makes more sense for me personally, with my body type and all. I really cant see myself paying some of the prices for unlimited monthly classes and the $99.00 a month with ClassPass is just right.  You can sign up for class here

I took the following classes in case you are interested in signing up.

Tell me what classes look amazing :) What is you workout routine? 

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