27 May 2015

Darling You Are Fabulous!

image via Instagram @hellorainbows

I was in the nail salon recently getting a mani and this new magazine is airing that is different from other magazines meaning it has 'real' women in it, what ever that means. While I support what these women are attempting to do, I am sort of bored with this idea that how we feel about ourselves is some how the responsibility of someone else. For example, it is somehow the magazines fault that we would look at a model and feel bad about ourselves. As if the magazine spoke and said you aren't pretty enough, no they simply picked a model that looked good on the cover. 

Being on Instagram is a constant for me and I see beautiful fashion bloggers with great personalities who honestly seem like really nice people to meet. I am aspiring to do certain things in my life and I see other women doing it all the time, if I were jealous would they be at fault?  As a culture of people I really think it is our responsibility to decide that we feel good about ourselves. You for the most part have the right to decide who you spend time with, what you look at, where you eat, and if you work out or not.

No matter what your size, skin color, age, or hair texture, just realize that you are fabulous not from an arrogant snotty perspective but from a relaxing confident view. Address the voices in your head that tell you to think negatively and decide to think different. You may not have it all together and no one really does. You can decide to take small steps and fix the issues that you want to change, but it first starts with viewing yourself correctly and realizing the power is in your hand. 



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