24 June 2015

Better Things For You!

PC Wendy's Look Book 

I so love this quote and it almost sounds too easy or like a brush off when I hear it sometimes, but time and time again it has proven to be true. There are so many things that could be taking place in this statement. We could be comfortable or blind in this situation when things fall apart or they could fall apart for no reason at all. 

In life we get comfortable and things are going just right so we stop pushing ourselves and looking for the new potential that we have. 

In life we can also be blind, I have thought something was the best only to really look at it and it actually be just okay. 

At times this can be hard to believe but the best is yet to come and sometimes things do fall apart so better things can happen. I don't believe that bad things need to happen for us to be awakened to something new but I do think good things can come out of unpleasant situations. 

What are your examples of this, you don't have to leave a comment below but reminding yourself of these things will help us stay grateful each day. 

XO Camille  

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