29 June 2015

Solutions 24 CLINICAL First Impression

Recently I received Solutions 24 CLINICAL by Anise Cosmetics. It will take me a couple of weeks to give you a full review of how I feel about the product but I think it is important to give you my first impressions in case you are thinking about picking it up.

Solutions 24 CLINICAL is currently 3 products that women love in stick form. The 3 products help with puffy eye, dark under eye circles and dark spots. I have been using all three products for a few days and I like them all but I need the dark spot corrector the most. I have always had dark spots and I have gotten really comfortable with having them, but trying a new system to lighten them is great. 

My first impressions of the products is that they are all necessary because we as women talk about these issues often and having the correction for them in small stick form makes them easier to use daily. For some reason simply twisting a top and spreading something on your face makes it easier to remember in daily routine.

Once out of the package the bottle is smaller than it looks like it would be in the box, which is a good thing. The packaging almost makes it look a little cheap  and if it were bigger it would look that way. After opening it seems to be nothing but quality product inside. 

At first open the product smells a little funny but that quickly goes away after first use. The product does not leave residue, dry out the skin or leave it oily in any way and it penetrates without a forceful rub which is great. It truly is a gentle slide across your face with a quick pat in. It is such a simple add to your daily routine, and the eye products can even be refreshed over your makeup.

This product is now available at Walmart but will be available in all major drugstores including Ulta later this year. For more information visit www.S24Skin.com.

My first impression of this product is good, if the spot corrector improves my skin I would definitely consider re-purchase. Way to go Anise Cosmetics, I think you have a solid product here. 

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