10 June 2015

Stay Humble, Work Hard and Be Kind!

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It's wisdom Wednesday and I have so many thoughts that are totally incomplete, so I will just pick one and go for it. Stay humble, work hard and be kind is the chosen thought for today.

This statement has been in my thoughts for the last week or so and especially today. I was speaking with someone about arrogance and I didn't mention that it was my pet peeve but he in a sense mentioned how it was his. This was so refreshing to hear from someone I just met. Thinking too highly of oneself is uncomfortable and unattractive. I respect people the most when they do these three things. Yes, we have all not been one or more of these things at one time or another but I think as a rule of thumb it is good to remember. 

In some environments this may not be smiled upon because everyone thinks they are the best and if you show anything else you may look weak and or foolish, but for a healthy spirit and purposes of karma it's a good way to live.

I believe with my whole heart that people with good and healthy souls live life the best. If you have not already added this to your way of life notebook, give it a try and see what responses you get from people this week. 

XO Camille

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