23 July 2015

Final Thoughts : Solutions 24 Clinical Dark Spots Corrector Stick

If you saw my post on my daily skin care update then you know I have a new favorite product that was sent to me by Anise Cosmetics. I gave you a first impressions on this product not to long ago but after about a month of using I am still as impressed as ever with how it has helped lighten the marks on my face.  

There is not too much to say about how you use the product because it is super easy. You basically purchase, open, cleanse your skin as desired and then run it across the needed area and pat in or let it air dry. Next you are free finish your normal makeup routine. 

Anise Cosmetics has done an amazing job with their Solutions 24 Clinical Dark Spots Corrector Stick, I could not have asked for more in a corrector solution. You can find this product at Walmart exclusively for the time being and then you can purchase it at any major drugstore including Ulta. 

If you end up trying this product come back and let me know how much you loved it, I know you will not be disappointed. 

XO Camille 

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