30 July 2015

Judge Less Love More

Wednesday Wisdom is happening on Thursday because when I got home on Wednesday and all I could do was rest, no bloggie.

So this week's thought is judge less and love more. As a Christ follower you may think oh she is talking to Christians but nope I'm talking to everyone who does this, which is all of is on occasion. To be honest the most judgmental person I've ever met wasn't Christian. Judgement actually just means to make an informed decision but I don't think we think of it that way Christian and non.

I think a lot of the time an assessment is made without the facts and without knowledge. I believe in order to make a judgement you need to be informed. So the thought this week is to make sure our judgement is accurate and based on knowledge not on our own personal desires to think quickly and write something or someone off.

For example if someone is near you and you begin to assume you know everything about that person and their culture, you are wrong. Your judgement is incorrect because this person on this day in this context is unknown to you.

I am not meaning don't be safe or use good sense but if you are assuming based on yourself or what you have been told by another you may be inaccurate.

I can't tell you how many times I have been judged for not drinking or for not partying. And then told I was judging others for partying and drinking, when the reality is I couldn't care less. You have a choice and I have a choice. My choice doesn't decide what type of person I am as a whole and neither does yours.

It is also important to remember that everyone has a freedom to think a certain way and if your thought pattern comes out of your mouth and infringe restrictions on another non-welcoming party you are wrong. 

This week lets all use judgement the right way in the of what the word actually means which is to look at the facts. What is actually happening in this situation with this person. I know we will all be much better inside and in return treat others better, which is the whole point. 

Take care, 

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