15 July 2015

Stay True!

I always debate over what to write for wisdom Wednesday and nothing finalizes until the very last minute. Graphics help a lot sometimes, but everything I think of can be heavy and my goal is to keep it light but inspiring.  This week was a debate between be you and stay true. I almost think I can use these interchangeably or just as one sentence be you and stay true. 

Having a good base and understanding of who you are and who you want to be in the future can conveniently help you with day-to-day choices and direction. So you have the foundation of who you are and if you are like me there is a certain style to your personality and persona that you want to keep. One identity I attach to myself is relaxed. I want to be a woman who is relaxed and laid back. You can have a place you want to be in 10 years as a mom, as a teacher as a police officer and so on but knowing the who will get you there with peace and comfort.

If you have never thought about the future in terms of your inner person you would benefit from writing some ideas down. Mentally think of the type of person you want to be and after that making decisions like what to eat, movies to see, clothes to buy, and men to date will flow naturally. 

So this week I encourage you to make a list, maybe do it at a coffee shop and take some you time. Write down the woman you see yourself being just so you can see it. You may have it in your mind and already be doing it but make the list anyway.  Have fun writing and nailing down how-to stay true.



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