10 July 2015

Update: Daily Skincare

Have you ever changed your skincare routine without planning to? Yea, me neither until recently. I was perfectly happy with my Murad and various other skin clearing and sweat hiding products until a series of events. 

First, I received an email to test new products. Solutions 24 Clinical Dark Spots Corrector Stick was one of those products. I really didn't expect anything super out of the ordinary maybe minor changes but literally I have never seen such an improvement in the dark spots on my face. I am at the point with this product where I feel like it will totally clear all dark spots on my face leaving me daily doing eyes only and BB cream.

Because of acne in my teen years and adult years I have scars and this dark spot corrector is clearing that up. I have been using it consistently for like 2 weeks and it's amazing. I have used dark spot correctors before so I am actually shocked. I am not shocked that they created a good product meaning the brand but I have really tried a couple of spot correctors in the past and they didn't work well enough to amaze me.

Product change number 2 is my everyday face wash. I normally use a mix of products mainly because one is in the shower and the other is at the sink. Don't get me wrong Murad rocks and has seen me through some really difficult acne situations but, Cetaphil Daily Cleanser is a better price and works amazingly. I have seen this product in the store and thought I wonder if that works but I am a little shy purchasing something drugstore at $10 that I am not sure works. 

About 2 weeks ago at the doctors they had free samples of the stuff for normal to oily skin which is my skin more oily than normal and it works so I have made the switch. With this cleanser I don't use a moisturizer because I don't need it, it does not dry my skin out at all and then I can go straight into spot corrector and primer with SPF with or without makeup for the day. 

I am trying to remember to use my Olay ProX Advanced Cleansing System 2 times a week so if I remember I use that as well. I didn't purchase the ever popular Clarisonic because for me it is a little pricey and I feel my Olay cleansing system probably does the same thing but in case you want the big boy I have linked the Clarisonic because people swear by it. 

Bye :) Camille 


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