15 August 2015

5 Steps : Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade

I love Anastasia Dip Brow it is way better than any pencil I have ever used but it works well for me because I have a little bit of shaping already happening. I believe that since we are all different there are different things for different people. So if you have a decent shape happening that you want thicker and more defined stay tuned.  

I purchased black because of my darker skin but get your best fit and go with it. 

Step 1: Dip and dab - I was so fortunate that the lady at Sephora gave me the most important advice on the product well two pieces of advice. The first was buy the brush that goes with it because of the density and the second was wipe before you go in. So use that toilet paper and wipe off the extra dip before you go into your brows.

Step 2: Go into the brow before you shape, meaning into the middle for the brow where there is the most hair- because there is so much product on the brush fake the fullness before you shape your brow. 

Step 3: Shape your bottom - Go with the natural shape of your brow and clean things up. 

Step 4: Faux hair the front - Go in with the same brush and stroke in the direction of the hairs upward and back from your brow bone.

Step 5: Line the top - Line the top and complete look - take the brush and make the final shaping to the top, perfecting your arches. 

Note: I do periodically brush my brow hairs to lessen the intensity of the color since I use black.

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