19 August 2015

Treating People with Value

I love this quote, and choosing this quote is just fitting for me right now. I think it is so important to be a person who makes other people feel like they are someone and I know it starts with me. Have you ever met that person who never responds to text messages, doesn't do what they need to do with email and is just all around "busy." To some degree you choose who you value and you show value by giving people the time of day. 

To some people being busy and unavailable is a way to say I am more important than you so you need to wait. I saw on MSN this morning a list of things successful people don't do and I loved their points. They mentioned things like always being late to meetings, playing the do you know who I am card and so on. I know that the way I treat people matters in my life and in their life. 

I remember sitting with a group of ladies years back and one of the girls literally said out of her mouth let me go demote myself and mingle with the other people here. At what point does your mind switch over to viewing other human beings as less than, to this day I still can't think of her in a positive light. I have forgiven her but if you truly think of others as less than, we just really can never see eye to eye. 

In the core of who I am I want to be someone who makes people feel like they have value because I truly believe that everyone has value. I may not want to be best friends with everyone but I am pretty sure if I treat people as if they have value, it will change the world around me. 

Happy Wednesday!! 



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