10 September 2015

When Looking Back Doesn't Interest You


I like this quote! I know when you are going through something it’s so easy to want to look back and think to yourself, "What could I have done differently?"  Maybe I could have said this; maybe I could have been that, maybe, maybe and maybe.  

I can literally think of 3 things in my life that 6 months ago I looked back on with a little bit of sadness, not a lot of sadness but a pinch. But, if I look at the situation today I am glad I am not a part or involved.  

I say I don’t care a lot and sometimes it sounds horrible. I don’t mean I don’t care in a bad way like it doesn’t matter. I mean I don’t care in a good way, meaning it doesn’t affect today’s decisions.  I learned so much from things that didn’t work out and I am in a better place because of them. Sometimes letting things go without a care is the best thing.

You never know what tomorrow is going to hold for you. You cannot plan the person you will meet next week. Life can change in a minute and focusing on the future can help you better prepare for what the world has for you.

Cheers y’all! 


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