25 October 2015

3 Things: Fall Skincare

Fall is such a wonderful season, but it does take a toll on my skin. Fall skincare is so important because it sets the stage for the next season of healthy skin. As you know I have oily skin on my face but the skin on my body is very dry. 

Over the summer I used spray-on lotion by Jergens but this fall I chose to go with coco butter. I like coco butter because the smell is pretty light and natural, and it also hydrates my skin for the entire day. 

In addition to body skin changes, I also deal with peeling lips. I like lip gloss but the thought of spending $20 for something so basic is really annoying. I recently decided to try Smith's Minted Rose Lip Balm and I am very impressed with the product. Sometimes when I use lip gloss without chapstick my lips peel and that is not the case with this product. 

In addition to skin and face changes I have added vitamins to my skincare regimen. I am very aware that as a blogger talking about vitamins is not sexy but it is totally necessary. My skin was getting so bad and someone mentioned to me that skin, hair and nail vitamins could be the answer to my problems. I am happy to announce that I have seen a big difference in breakouts and longevity of acne.

What are some new things that you have added to your list this fall? Do you have standard go-to skincare products you lean on that are tried and true? 

XO, Camille 

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