26 November 2015

Movies to See Over Thanksgiving Break

Looking for a movie to see this Thanksgiving break? I have seen a variety of movies over the last few weeks, check out what I thought of them.

Charlie Brown
I did not grow up watching Charlie Brown but I love the artistic style of the cartoon. Charlie Brown has simple charm that is super unique. During this movie there were times when I felt Charlie Brown was too hard on himself to be a child and that hurt the movie in my opinion. I would give this movie a D, because overall the movie's plot played out a little boring.

Mockingjay Part 2
This movie was so good, I had been waiting for a year and it did not fall short. This film is a must see and very well done. I give this movie an A, I actually enjoyed the film more than the book. There were events in the book that disappointed me but seeing them on screen changed my thoughts on the events. 

The Secrets In Their Eyes
I love Julia Roberts she is one of my favorite actors. This movie is a good murder mystery with something extra. This film was not very fast but gives you everything you need, with a shock at the end. I would give this movie a B. Each actor pulls their weight well, without going too far in their own role. I did not feel like there was a main character because everyone worked so well together.

The Good Dinosaur
I saw The Good Dinosaur yesterday afternoon. This movie helps a young dinosaur find himself. Pixar does a wonderful job blending heartfelt emotion and comedy. I would give this movie an A-, making it a purchasable movie if you have young children.

 Check out these movies for yourself and let me know what you think!

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