13 December 2015

In the Heart of the Sea Movie Review

I saw In the Heart of the Sea yesterday and although I love Chris Hemsworth that is not completely the reason I saw the movie. I never made it through Moby Dick as a high school student, somewhere along the line I got extremely bored. After seeing In the Heart of the Sea, I might be inspired to grab the book again.

I enjoyed the setup of this movie and the characters did a great job, though at times I could have had more in character development. Since I haven’t read Moby Dick I am not really sure what the comparison of emotion should have been.

If you are an animal lover or just an animal respecter some parts of this movie are hard to swallow. The film showed in graphic detail the cutting and gutting of a whale. Overall I would give this movie a B for plot, scenes, engagement and all of those things a movie should have. I was very surprised that life at sea didn’t get boring, because I hated Cast Away and Life of Pi was a one-time watch in my opinion. This movie did a great job switching my focus to keep me engaged. 

I would not recommend this movie because it wasn’t a favorite and I could have waited until it was out on rental but, if you are on the fence then go for it!

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