01 January 2016

Choosing the right Lipstick

As you know 2015 was my first year with lipstick and I had a blast. It has been a challenge to try the trends but make them work for me specifically. Choosing the right lipstick makes a huge difference in wearing it well.

When choosing a lipstick it is important to not only find the color but choose the color with the right base. I have heard that it matters whether you have yellow or red pigment in your skin and it does. I have fallen in love with Mac and Lorac as they seem to give me exactly what I am looking for with lasting colors that go on smooth in the perfect shade. 

I am sure there are lots of lipsticks out there but the medium priced ones seem to be the best. I started my journey with NYX and moved to another drug store brand and they didn't stay as well as I had hoped. While I love NYX for other products the lipsticks didn't do the trick.

The final tip after purchase is to clean up the edges and run your finger through the middle of your lips to avoid getting lipstick on your teeth.

Happy lipstick shopping and 2016! 


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