15 February 2016

Colorful stripes

I love this shirt from Zara! I have made a couple of peplum purchases lately, so I can not say this is my favorite but I do love it. You may have seen these jeans in a photo on Instagram a couple of weeks ago and they are pretty great. These jeans stretch really well but are fitted around the lower leg. I have wanted a pair of high waist jeans for a couple of months. Why does it take me so long to pull the trigger on things I like? I guess its a good thing to seriously consider whether on not you really want something. Well, anyway I hope you love the look a much as I do. Don't forget you can shop my outfit below. Oh, and the purse is not actually a purse its my new DSLR bag and the link for that is below too. XO 

Shop the look 

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