26 March 2016

Get Ready With Me Everyday, Love Life Post

My very first Get Ready With Me video is now live on YouTube! I had so much fun making this video!

I am so into this really long sweater.  I have been looking at this style of sweater for a large percentage of the season. I paired this light weight sweater with my high waist jeans and a white crop top. 

I can't wait to wear this cardigan with spring dresses and shorts. 

The only downside to a long cardigan is you need to be careful where you wear it, because when bending over it could get dirty. Also, in the bathroom you will want to pull it up, just being honest haha! 

Have you done a Get Ready With Me video? I would love to see your morning process. 


Thank you for your help: 

Filming: Diana J Lee 
Editing: Genki Kawashima 

similar high waist jeans  (the only difference is the color)

XO Camille 

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