23 March 2016

Rose Peplum

I've liked peplum tops since about 2 years ago. I stopped liking them when I realized I tend to look like a younger person in them and that is not my goal right now. 

I think the difference between a peplum top to love and a peplum top to hate, is the fit. Notice this top is slouchy and not fitted in any way. Also, notice that this top is slightly shorter in the front than it is in the back. 

I wear this shirt pretty regularly and I love it. A slight buyer warning would be that the description says thermal and that is not the case. This top has a thermal texture but is not weighted to be thermal.  

I normally wear this top to work or out-and-about casually on weekends. I would probably take this top on a trip but I would be limited to heels or boots. 

This exact top is no longer available at Nordstrom but I have linked a couple of  similar styles below.

  peplum top  

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