20 April 2016

Oh Canada!

As I sit at the airport after an amazing vacation in Chicago with my family I am remembering that I still have not posted on my trip to Canada. 

A little over a week ago for spring break I took the opportunity to go to Canada BC for the first time. I loved this trip and am happy I went. Vancouver is sort of like a big Seattle mixed with Bellevue, with that said I kept getting turned around. I loved how every corner you turned had a high-rise condo or apartment building. 

For this trip I followed the day in Canada blog post on Design Sponge. Unfortunately, I didn't get to too many of these items but I did make it to a few. Tacofino was worth the 20 minute drive around to find the location. It is easy to see why this place is so popular. 

I highly recommend making this stop and grabbing 2-3 tacos :). The ladies at the restaurant will tell you that 1 is a snack, and 2-3 make a meal. 

Stanley Park is beautiful but even if you don't spend a ton of time there the drive to it is pretty nice. You could just spend your time on Beach Drive. I am always up for a beach walk and this drive was just what I needed. 

The Queens Garden was closed and I wasn't able to go there, but next time I drive to Canada I will check it out. I will also be sure to spend time on 4th Avenue as there was a quite cafe and a chocolate store; and I like both of those things. 

Tips on Canada that no one told me: 
-after you cross the border you are still about 45 minutes out from downtown Vancouver so plan to continue your drive a little. 
- the parking meters still take change and if you are only there for a day it is convenient to just have change instead of adding your debit card to their system. I am so grateful I randomly had my change bag in the car. 
- they hand you the debit card machine at check-out in restaurants. This is not a tip but more like a fun fact. 
- their money is currently less than ours. I didn't check out the exchange rate before I left but it is good to know that you are spending less money, so go for it. 

On the way to Canada I made a stop at Tulip Town and it was just so great to stop by this popular spot and see what I have been missing for the last years or so. 

Where are you going on vacation? 

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