06 June 2016

6 ways to stay encouraged

I'm not discouraged about anything right now, but I did have some experiences recently that caused the people in my life to remind me to stay encouraged. I loved having their support and kind words, but I had to actually stay encouraged on my own after our conversation ended. Here are some steps I take any time I need to stay encouraged: 

Know it's just for a time - nothing lasts forever and the future is just around the corner. Know that what you experience will pass. 

Pray - talk to God. Tell Him your very raw truthful emotions, He more than anyone else can handle it and you don't have to choose your words carefully. The only way to successfully get rid of a feeling is to be honest about what you actually think. Ask Him to help you get rid of whatever negative, sad or disappointed feelings you have. Ask Him to make it easy for you and show you the right steps to take in getting/ feeling better. Sometimes you will wake up better and other times it will be a process, but the conversation is always good.  

Know that the best is yet to come - your future is bright and the best is on its way. Sometimes no is the best answer and moving forward quickly will only help you prepare for the next thing.

Find encouraging messages - find Bible verses, quotes, or podcasts that help you stay encouraged. You will need to train yourself to pull happiness from your own mind and soul.

Watch funny entertainment
- I watch funny, light television all the time. A lot of the time I just need the noise because I live alone and it can get too quite. Instead of always watching something that forces you to think, just watch something light that you can simply enjoy. You're not dumb because you're not intellectual all the time.

Only let in good things - move away from anything that forces you to be negative. There is nothing wrong with a good vent, it's actually healthy to be honest with your emotions. But, you never want to dwell or feel bad for a prolonged amount of time (this does not include death, divorce or major tragedy, please feel free to mourn those events as long as you need to and seek professional help). If there is something you do that brings sad or upset emotions about, like music or an experience, stop doing it.

Stay encouraged and I know you can achieve the things in your heart.

XO Camille 

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