13 June 2016

Headbands of Hope

A couple of years ago, my mother and grandmother were diagnosed with cancer in the same month. My mother had breast cancer and my grandmother had colon cancer. My mother only needed one surgery because nothing had spread yet. However, my grandmother had to go through chemotherapy to get fully better. Both of my special women are still alive and well today and I am so grateful. Headbands of Hope helps people with cancer, but more specifically they help kids with cancer. 

When they reached out to me and asked if I wouldn't mind sharing their headbands with you, I said yes please! Headbands of Hope provides kids who have cancer with one stylish headband for every headband you purchase. Your headband helps a girl feel good about her appearance during a challenging and confusing time in her life. While we all would like to say we are confident in ourselves no matter what, major changes in our appearance do affect us. Could you imagine being a teen dealing with image issues, while mentally processing cancer? We are all beautiful in our own unique way and a fun headband only increases our ability to show personality through style. 

I would encourage you to visit their site and purchase a headband so that you can have a really cool headband and give a headband to one of us (team girls) who has a need right now. 


Let's support each other in all we do and go through. Thank you Headbands of Hope for making this possible, this is such a cool idea! 

Learn about Banded Together HERE

xo Camille  

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