11 June 2016

Laser Hair Removal Update!

So, my response to laser hair removal was not normal. My skin was supposed to darken for a while, but not peel.  The owner of the laser salon freaked out and did everything she could to fix the situation. My skin took about 2 weeks to fully heal and is now doing fine. 

When my skin peeled I was so scared. My waxer of 2 years meant well, but she really freaked me out when she saw my burns. She use to work with laser and thought I could have been permanently damaged. I began googling laser burns and as I found images of permanent damage my mind was all over the place. I was mentally preparing myself to love my appearance no matter what. Thank God for a military mom who knew what a severe burn looks like. My mom assured me that it wasn't permanent, it was a light surface burn and I had nothing to worry about. 

I remember having to go to church (I had responsibilities that day so I couldn't stay home) on Sunday and not wanting to go without cover up and again my mom came to the rescue with maximum cover-up by MAC (she has perfect skin why did she have that, haha). 

The salon assured me this has never happened before and it would never happen again. Because it began to heal and they are medical doctors, I went for it again. They turned the laser way down and used super cold protection gel. This time it hurt a lot less and the results were good. My skin turned a little darker for about 10 minutes and then I iced my face for about 10 minutes when I got home. After that I had no problem, I notice that there is no hair in some spots and this is only the second treatment. Yay!! 

After my six treatments will I laser anything else? Oh heck no, I'm done, but I am grateful to get this area out of the way. I used to be the girl that thought if I don't like it, I'll fix it, but I no longer think that way. I love every flaw even more now. I realize that I could do something simple that changes me forever and it's just not worth the risk. 

xo Camille 

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