29 June 2016

Natural Wood Watches by JORD

I love my new wood watch by JORD. I don't normally wear a watch, but when the company reached out to me, I couldn't resist. I wear my new natural wood watch almost every day. 

JORD wood watches

natural wood watches

sustainable watches

As a young adult I always had metal or leather watches which are more than fine, but there is something cool and unique about a wood watch. I like that this watch snaps into place with metal clasps. For some reason the clasps make it easier to wear. 

I picked a full maple wood watch called Fieldcrest and it is the perfect wood for me. Wood is very comfortable and does not irritate my skin in any way.

After I picked the watch based on the photo alone, I read the description. The description states that this watch reminds you of sunny days and when I see its bright color on my arm I know what they mean. Shop other women's watches here and find the perfect one for you. 

Thank you JORD, for the beautiful watch. It is not something I would  not have thought I needed, but it is currently one of my favorite accessories. 

 Wood Wrist Watch

xo Camille 

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