16 July 2016


Nsale Finds,  Love Life Post
Oh hey! I love sales at Nordstrom they are so easy for me. I don't know why when I shop online at other stores I'm never sure about the products unless I know the brand. That's not saying that other shops aren't good because they are, but sometimes you can't beat what's familiar. Anyway, I shopped online via the website and the app and picked my items up at the store. 

In a true me fashion I had some idea of what I wanted, but the black boots came out of no where. I love how flat these boots (tan in the photo above so you can see the detail) are, they are also comfy and  super versatile! I can't wait to wear these boots all year long. Yes, even with shorts in the spring and summer. 

Shop what I bought below plus the added cameo jackets. I purchased my jackets at other stores in green and black and I wear them regularly, so I know it will be a good staple for you. 

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