03 July 2016

White Flowy Dress

Do you ever get in a closet slump and you feel the need to try something new? I tried on dress after dress with no fun prints until this one was handed to me. I am so happy with this dress. I really didn't have a style in mind so this was a pleasant surprise. I actually looked at this one online before in store shopping and didn't see a small available. 

I think this dress is meant to be a frock because it is so big. I am wearing the extra small and it fits well, although I am normally a small. 

This dress is made really well and thin, which makes it great for the sun. You will need to steam it though, which is the only down side. I don't normally wear things that I need to steam, but this is an exception. 

I purchased a belt for this one which I normally don't do but it looked super plain without it. 

Shop the look below: 

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