21 August 2016

Skinny Coffee Club Review

About 2 weeks ago I received my first order from Skinny Coffee Club. Skinny Coffee Club is a brand of coffee that helps fight fat while boasting energy. 

My eating habits are overall healthy. I eat lots of yogurt, fish, and normally order veggie or seafood plates when I go out. I am human though and enjoy a cheese burger or pizza a max of 2-3 times per month. I am a hiker and will workout but I am in no way a major gym girl. My focused area is my tummy, I am always looking for a simple way to keep that area as flat as possible. 

With Skinny Coffee Club I did notice an increase in energy and I felt thinner and I noticed that lighter meals carried me further in the day. I also noticed that when I had a burger I didn't feel bloated after. There was a little bit of a detox in the coffee as well, which was great but unfamiliar to me as I don't normally detox in any way.

I would recommend Skinny Coffee Club as a daily cup of coffee and I am excited to see the results over an extended period of time. Use my code Camille20 at check out and get 20% off your order .

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