04 September 2016

Yoga leggings and workout wear

You know I love a good pair of yoga leggings, not only because I need them for hiking and working out but also because of the the workout wear trend. If you look put together in your cute leggings it is completely acceptable to run to the market or out to grab coffee in workout wear. I have recently been loving Zella leggings but there are some Nike leggings that I also love. 

I thought it would be fun to link a couple of leggings that I have been eyeing in case you wanted to pick them up before I get around to it. 



  1. Cute yoga clothes and at a super affordable price!!! These pants also tend to be more stylish than those designed for other types of exercise, often integrating elements such as embroidery and flattering cuts so that they can be worn outside the Power Flex yoga pant as well.

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