27 November 2016

All Black Outfits

I wasn't really sure I could pull off an all black outfit because I have never actually worn all black before. I really like it, it is so easy. I can see how this could turn into an every week type of thing. But, if you don't pair things right you just look frumpy. I would advise a fitted shirt as a part of your all black outfit, especially when there is a lot to do. Under the leather jacket I am wearing one of my favorite things in all the world, what is it with me and bodysuits? I could seriously buy body suits all the time and just have a consistent uniform, but that would be boring.

Last week was busy and not just busy to be busy, but legit, I had deadlines for getting things in and out of my store. Last week was also Thanksgiving week in America, which I am sure was a run around for those of you who live here. So in this situation easy all black outfits just made since. I am super happy I tried something new. 

I hope that you had a super great Thanksgiving holiday. What was your go to throw on over break

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