08 February 2017

5 Tips to a great Valentine's Day (Single)

You don't have to be married or dating to be happy on Valentine's Day. I was inspired by one of my favorite bloggers to write down how it's done well for singles. I have seriously never had a bad Valentine's day so my single lovelies you never need to have one either. Here are 5 ways you can make this day fun!

1. Get a group of single girls and go out for dinner and a movie. When you are out with 4 or more of your girlfriends you really can't have a bad night even in a room filled with couples.

2. Don't have 4 or more single girlfriends? No worries, grab a pizza or takeout and dine in. Watch a movie on Vudu and enjoy some food, chocolates and wine, if that's your thing.

3. Brunch the weekend before. Brunch is always fun!! Casually "dress-up" and get out with some friends for a good time. My friends and I like to try a new spot each time, so you can have our thing. 

4. Galentine's Day. I feel like this is the first year this has ever really been mentioned with a name, but I have been to a few of these parties. Throw a party for the girls you love the most, single or not, include everyone. 

5. Hang out with your single guy friends. I am so grateful for the single men in my life, they make my world  so fun and it is just great to have masculine energy and opinions around. Plan something fun whether it's dinner and bowling or just some exploring. Grab your single guy or guys and girls and hit the town. 

The reality is the single life doesn't suck and Valentine's Day doesn't have to suck either. Have a great Valentine's Day! 

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