20 February 2017

Almost Spring and O'neill

My week has been pretty good, I found a couple of new shows which is nice, friends are great and life is going. If you haven't ever gone to Ruth Chris for happy hour you definitely have to make it. You can get the best burger for $7.00 and for my two burgers per month rule that definitely works for one of them. 

This season O'neill has some really good pieces. This brand is normally known for skater / surfer clothes in my opinion based on their branding. But, literally, they have like 5 things at Nordstrom that I would buy today from long flowy dresses to tanks, swims and sweaters. So I am loving this O'neill top. 

The O'neill brand reminds me of Huntington Beach in California. I was only there briefly, but I loved every minute at the beach. I purchased this shirt because I needed  a new blouse for something last week and this was the only one I was interested in. I finally picked up a pair of light jeans without rips which has been on the list for a couple of weeks. Spring is definitely one of my favorite times in the year and I will be picking up more from O'neill in prep for the warmer weather. 

This shirt is true to size. You will need a little something, something in the bust area because this blouse opens a little there. Shop the look: jeans, O'neill blouse, necklace, similar shoes

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