26 February 2017

Natural and Curly Hair Tips

I get a ton of compliments on my hair these days and I am so flattered. I wish I could say it was easy to figure my hair out but it wasn’t. I watched at least 20 YouTube videos on wash and go routines. I tried several of them before I got the one I use down. I spent money on products that didn’t work for me and finally the third time was a charm.

I am currently using Shea Moisture's high porosity line  and it makes things a lot easier. Below are my tips on curly, dry hair. 

1-      Know your hair. If you have dry hair like me and you are taking product tips from a “normal” curly haired person it makes a difference. Know what type of hair you have and research products accordingly. 

2-       Pick a routine that works for  YOU. There are some really long curly hair processes out there. Literally some ladies define every curl and if that is you more power to you. But, if you are like me and simplicity is your lifestyle then that’s not going to happen. 

3-     Figure your wash days out. You will need to know when your weekly washes will be scheduled. I wash after swim so twice a week. Having your washes planned keeps you in a good easy routine. 

4-     Know your sleep routine. After you get your wash and go down you will need a routine for your no wash days. So get online and find a routine that fits your easy night system. 

5-     Have a reason. For me the reason for switching my hair was ease and maybe that is your reason. If you have a reason this will help you push through to achieve the look you want. The first two times I did my wash and go it was like what's happening with my hair it dried puffy but after research I got it together. 

What products are you currently using that you absolutely love? If you are currently wearing your hair curly like me I would love to hear it. I will do a write up on my process in a week or so.

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