31 March 2017

Outfit of the Day : Spring Transitions

Hey y'all! I love the off-the-shoulder look, as you know and this blouse is my favorite one for a couple of reasons. The fabric of this shirt is so good. It’s super soft and is perfect for the spring/ summer transition. Although, I love the whole top, the best part is the bell sleeves.

I don’t know about you, but when I wear this type of top I always have trouble keeping the shoulders where they need to be, does anyone have a solution for keeping your off-the-shoulder blouse, off the shoulders? I wonder if garment tape will work. I wore this top out to dinner with friends and then out dancing and I felt good in both locations. I liked the way I looked in the photos too. It’s so funny when you change your hair that you need to change your clothes up a bit as well. With that said I am still figuring out what works. 

I would recommend this shirt over all. It’s a decent price and looks good on. I paired this look with jeans and my favorite summer shoes. Shop the look here: Off the shoulder top &  Destroyed jeans.  

What are your favorite transitional looks right now?

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