03 March 2017

Throw on Sweatshirt and Leggings

Nordstrom has the best sales lately. Have you noticed that everything in the fall section is a deal. The $169.00 booties I have been drooling over are still normal price but, that's neither here or there ha-ha. I have never spent that much for shoes but, I may need to make the investment at some point. I've had to keep telling myself  that we really only have one more month of winter and that I need to be putting money away for trips I am planning to take this summer
I will soon be stocking up on tanks, shorts and rompers, but this sweater / sweatshirt was cozy and cute so I had to get it. I keep saying sweater because it doesn't feel like a sweatshirt, even though it is. If I could do it again, I would buy this sweater in a smaller size because it defiantly is way oversized. I was headed to bible study and threw it on before I decided that I wanted a smaller size. I figured I would be able to throw this sweatshirt on with shorts in the summer as well as during my run arounds during the week. You can no longer shop this sweatshirt, but the leggings I have been talking about forever right here: faux leather leggings.

Oh, this week I was featured in the Seattle Times along with some other great bloggers in the area. Check out our feature here: Seattle-area fashion bloggers share what inspires them (and where they shop) .

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