18 April 2017

Camo Jacket

I leave for Cali this Friday and I'm pretty pumped and have been gabbing things here and there for a few weeks now. I have purchased what I am sure will be some of my favorite summer tanks. 

I knew I wanted a camo jacket so I got off task for just a little bit to grab one. This jacket wasn't fully what I wanted at first because I wanted something with a defined waist but under 100 dollars. I couldn't find anything under 100 dollars with a defined waist and good quality. I originally wanted something a little darker because I thought it would match my skin tone better and help conceal some flaws. 

Anyway, I am now really pleased with the jacket. It is structured well and I think that the straight lines in the coat actually give me a lot of options. For instance, this jacket will look great with ripped shorts and a body suit tank this summer. It will also look great with a body con dresses and dressy sandals. Yes, a defined waist will give me the same options, but that is the direction I would naturally go so switching things up is great. I'm pretty happy with my purchase. Shop my look here: Sampson Camo Shirt Jacket, Van Sneakers, Sarah Skinny Jeans 

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