20 September 2017

Marked Cold Shoulder Sweater

My first sweater of the season, woo hoo! As I went through last year’s sweaters I was overall pleased with my purchases, but there are a few brands I won’t buy again. Because I am a business owner I feel bad listing them, but you can trust that I am wiser with the feel of sweaters this year. 

This sweater is well made and thicker, but it snagged on my ring, so I would just suggest not wearing rings with it. I cut the snag and I can’t even tell where I snagged it so that’s really good. This sweater is fully woven across in layers so it feels nice. I love it, but I thought I would give you the info on the snag because I hate it when my clothes are done before I am done with them. Quality is everything to me and I am offended when things ruin quickly, haha! 

For reference I am wearing a size small and there is defiantly room to wear the tank top I didn't feel like changing out of to shoot this look. So, you could go a size down if you are normally a small or you could wear it comfy like me. 

I will be wearing this throw-on to the pumpkin patch, game nights and lazy brunches all season long. I can't believe I am excited for fall, that NEVER happens so I am not sure what the deal is here. 

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